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Teen Driving Tips in California

Driving is a fun of excitement and speed. For the teenagers, `it has a different live through and almost all the teens die for it. But this fun needs lots of attentions and practices to be safe and make the fun joyful; otherwise it may take to a tragic end.

Like each state in the US, California government has also implied some of the laws to be complied with by the drivers. And when it comes to the teen drivers in California, they need to learn additional teen driving laws and rules. California auto insurance has also offered many more rules, and advantages regarding driving.

Now see some of the California state laws that are must and also very useful for the teens who drive:

  • Teens between the age limit of 17.5-18 year old should obtain a provisional permit before they obtain a valid license.
  • For the teens of 15.5-17.5, driver’s training and driver’s education are must to apply for the license.
  • There is restriction in driving for the teens from midnight to 5 AM for the first of obtaining the license.
  • Teen drivers having license can not transport any passenger under 20 years old during the first 6 months.
  • At least 8 hour before driving, a teen cannot drink any alcoholic beverage.
  • Graduating Driving License (GLD) education is a need for the teens.

When it comes to tell about the precautions to take before driving on the road, practice plays the most crucial part as it makes a better driver. As far as driving is concerned, road is an important part. A teen should practice on the same road to practice until he/she feels comfortable and once he/she is seen comfortable and manageable with the vehicle to run with, he should practice on different roads under the guidance. Some very minor but important points to be remember while driving are to wear seat belt, keeping eyes and ears open, maintain safe distance among the traffic on the road and many more.

In-spite-of the safety measures, there are more chances of accidents among the teens. California auto insurance is a must for the drivers to have all the time while driving.  Teens have to pay for the policy before started driving. The auto insurance company where the teen applies will send an insurance card that should always be accompanied by the driver and if by chance found or caught by the traffic police without the card, he will have to pay a fine or may be suspended. So, have auto insurance in California while driving.