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5 Defensive Driving Tips to Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Love to drive and risk of accidents are two sides of one single coin. Both are sensitive issues characteristically positive and negative respectively. But still every time driving does not mean accident; otherwise no one will dare to drive and the world would not have crowded with all possible types of vehicles!

Accident has no definition. It does not follow any rule; but if the drivers acquire some techniques or tips, then all of us certainly can expect an accident free driving environment. Here, defensive driving is the only option. Drive carefully so that you can defense yourself as well as others on the road. Now, get some tips to reduce the risk of accidents in a populous state like California:

  • Assume the worst situation: Before driving think about the worst possible situation you may face. Sometimes you may experience such situation that the drivers before you indicating to turn left or right do not turn or without indicating some one can take turn. It may misguide you and also cause accident. To avoid the misfortune, what you can do is to assume what can happen and drive maintaining a safe distance so that you can save both yourself and others as well.

  • Follow Traffic Rule: Following traffic rule is one of the best ways to defense you while driving. You may notice many drivers breaking the laws of traffic and running faster than you. But you should know that once you get a ticket, you may be suspended, the auto insurance in California may also raise the cost of auto insurance or can cancel it too.

  • Maintain Presence: Start driving after you scan the road. On the road, you need to keep your eyes and ears open to drive alert. A good driver always obverses every vehicle signals, indicators and brake lights, adjusts rear view mirrors, avoid talking on cell phone, loud music and drinking alcohol and also avoid competition on the road.

  • Driving: To reduce accidents, a driver must know how to drive. It means a good driver does not drive too fast and too slow. In emergency also, avoid taking U turn on a motorway class road. Keep your hands either in the 9 O'clock and 3 O'clock position or the 10 O'clock and 2 O'clock position. These are the safest hand position while driving.

  • California Auto Insurance: California state government has made it mandate to have auto insurance ca for the drivers. Having auto insurance has many advantages that you need while driving. On the other hand, if you are caught without auto insurance, you will have to pay a fine or you may be suspended from driving.

These are the most useful 5 defensive driving tips that can help you save your life as well as the others on the road.